Author: Kerry Bullock-Ozkan

  • Seasonal Color Analysis for Knitters

    Seasonal Color Analysis for Knitters

    Seasonal color analysis system seems to be having a moment over on TikTok. It seems everyone is trying to figure out which color season they are. This color system first came about it the 80s with the book Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. (Full disclosure – I’m old enough to remember it’s original heyday.) […]

  • How to Check Fit Whether Knitting Bottom-up or Top-down

    How to Check Fit Whether Knitting Bottom-up or Top-down

    Many knitters prefer top-down sweater patterns because you can try them on as you knit, and they feel more confident fitting a sweater this way. This method has its pitfalls, however, which I wrote about in a previous post. First, it limits you to knitting only sweaters that are written for top-down knitting, or figuring […]

  • Workshops at Carolina Fiber Fest

    Workshops at Carolina Fiber Fest

    I’m excited to announce that I will be teaching three knitting workshops at the 2023 Carolina Fiber Fest – running March 8-12. Workshop registration is now live one the Carolina Fiber Fest website. Here are the workshops I’ll be teaching: Working With Breed-specific Yarns – Have you ever wondered what is so special about breed-specific […]

  • 2022 In Review

    2022 In Review

    Happy New Year! As the year comes to a close, I’m taking a moment to pause and look back at what I’ve accomplished this year. This year was a bit light on new patterns, but I released two previously published patterns – Laura’s Beanie and the Towline Hat – as individual downloads, with updates and […]

  • A New-to-Me Spinning Wheel

    A New-to-Me Spinning Wheel

    I recently added a second spinning wheel to my studio – I guess you could say I’ve started a flock! This is actually the third spinning wheel I’ve owned. My other current wheel is the second 1970s Ashford Traditional I’ve restored: I wrote briefly about the first one way back when in this post, and […]