About Me

Photo of the designer looking sideways into the camera and wearing a handknit hat and sweater.

I’m Kerry Bullock-Ozkan, a knitwear designer and textile artist living in the beautiful Piedmont region of North Carolina. A former environmental engineer, I use wool and other natural fibers to create wearable garments and accessory patterns for a sustainable wardrobe. When not knitting, I can be found exploring rare wool breeds and my local environment through spinning, weaving and natural dyeing. I love to explore our rich regional textile heritage and am an active member of the Piedmont Fibershed.

I am also certified as a tech editor through The Knitting Guild Association. I enjoy working with new and established designers to realize their creative visions. If you’re a designer looking for a tech editor to work with you can find more about my services here.

My values

I unequivocally believe in a community where everyone is welcome, and every knitter deserves support in realizing their project goals. To that end, here are some things you should know:

Size Inclusivity: All of my garment designs are graded to fit from at least a 30 to a 50 inch chest, and all of my newer garment patterns are graded to fit up to a 60+ inch chest (I’m working on extending some of the older ones). My accessory patterns also typically offer mutliple size options. If you have feedback about my sizing, please reach out. I do my best to refer to multiple resources when grading my patterns, but my sizing is only as good as the information available to me, and I am continually striving to improve my pattern fit. I am always looking for preview knitters across all sizes, so please follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter to hear about test calls for new patterns.

I give back to the community. I try to support small, local and BIPOC businesses where possible. I also donate 10% of my income to community organizations, and I strive to support organizations whose leadership represents the people they serve.

Accessibility: I do my best to make my patterns accessible to as many readers as possible. I include stitch patterns in both charted and written format where possible, and measurements are given in both Imperial and metric. Since Ravelry’s new design has made it inaccessible to many, I have made most of my patterns available on Payhip, Etsy and LoveCrafts as an alternative.

For collaborations or wholesale inquiries please use the contact form or email kerry@bullockozkandesigns.