My Story

Headshot of Kerry, the designer, looking over her left shoulder toward the camera. She has short hair and is wearing a gray handknit hat and glasses.

My mother taught me to knit when I was 8 or 9 (I have the half-finished doll sweater to prove it), but it didn’t stick and I moved on to other things like sewing my own clothes. I came back to knitting specifically because I could no longer find good-quality wool sweaters that fit my budget. I’m dating myself here, but remember in the 80s and 90s when you could find a good basic “Shetland” or lambswool sweater from LL Bean, Lands’ End, or J. Crew?

Knitting isn’t the cheapest or quickest way to get a sweater to keep you warm, but it is a way to have control over the quality of the fabric, fit, and finishing of what you wear. It’s also a way to create sweaters and other garments that reflect your unique personality.

Which brings me to designing. I started designing because I could never find the pattern to match the sweater I saw in my head. And I wanted to be more sustainable in my clothing choices, but a lot of sustainable fashion just isn’t my style. And then I began to learn about the qualities of wool from different sheep breeds, which started me on my spinning journey and also made me an advocate for local and heritage-breed wool.

So here I am. A knitting pattern designer and editor who loves working with and advocating for unique yarns. And an unabashed lover of wool. I love designing sweaters, of course. But I also design accessories such as hats and cowl, because those are the perfect low-risk way to try out a new-to-you yarn or learn a new skill like cables or stranded colorwork. And they help to round out your handcrafted wardrobe.

Come along with me on the journey!