Tour de Fleece 2023 Wrap-up

The Tour de Fleece is an event that we spinners anticipate every year. This year my participation was small, but I joined the Fearless Fibers team and committed to spinning at least 20 minutes every day. I initially hoped to make some progress on my sweater spin, but ended up deciding to work on some projects that had been on the back burner instead, in order to clear some stash.

I was on vacation for about half the Tour, so I packed along one of my Turkish spindles and some Leicester Longwool roving from Badgerface Fiber – it seemed fitting as I was going to be in Minnesota, on the North Shore of Lake Superior, for my vacation. It took a bit of trial and error to decide which spindle to take, but after trying several sizes I decided on my mini turk to spin a fine yarn.

While in Minnesota, I also picked up some naturally dyed roving from a local dyer, dyed with jewelweed, at Dappled Fern Fibers in Grand Marais, and did a wee test spin.

View from cabin to Devil Track Lake in daylight
My view for the Tour de Fleece.

I did manage to spin 20 minutes a day while on vacation; it was after returning home and getting back to work that I lost the thread a bit. But I did manage to finish plying the singles I’d spun on my trip, as well as some remaining cotton/ NC-grown hemp blend that I’d decided to finish spinning during the Tour. Here they are all plied up, though they still need a good soak to finish.

Four small skeins of handspun yarn, 3 natural white/ cream colored and one yellow, rest on a wood surface.
L-R: Leicester Longwool, 70% cotton/ 30% NC-grown hemp (2 middle skeins), wool dyed with jewelweed.

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