Photo shows a knitted swatch with a textured pattern in light gray yarn.

Wear Your Handknits: The Composure Cardigan

A friend recently suggested I do a post on how I style my knits. Since I talk a lot about designing and making projects that really fit into your wardrobe, I thought such a post was was long overdue!

We’ve had a lot of back and forth this spring between warm and cool weather, and open cardigans like the Composure Cardigan are a go-to layer for me when it turns chilly again. It’s perfect as a casual layer with jeans and a tee or buttondown:

I also like to wear it over a dress, for a bit more elegance. I throw on a cowl if it’s particularly chilly or windy in the morning, which I can easily remove as the day warms up.

Buy the Pattern

I’m already planning another post on styling warmer-weather knits. What patterns would you like to see me wear?

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