Knitting Patterns

All of my individually published patterns can be purchased in my Ravelry store.

A note about yarn substitution: Sustainability is a core value of my business, which for me means first and foremost longevity. That’s why I try to design garments that are really wearable and will serve you for a long time. No matter your budget, lifestyle and fiber preferences, there are good quality yarns available that will wear well for you and I encourage you to seek these out. With that in mind, all of my patterns give full yardage information to make it easy to substitute the yarn of your choice.

Rionnag Hat
Rionnag Cowl
Chunky Gansey Cowl
Sagebrush Tee
Diagonal Rib Cowl
Nazar Cardigan
Tilework Cardigan
Toddler Gansey Socks