Frequently Asked Questions

Are your patterns size inclusive?

All of my newer garment patterns are graded to fit up to a 60+ inch chest (I’m working on extending some of the older ones). My accessory patterns also typically offer mutliple size options.

If you have feedback about my sizing, please reach out. I do my best to refer to multiple resources when grading my patterns, but my sizing is only as good as the information available to me, and I am continually striving to improve my pattern fit. I am always looking for preview knitters across all sizes, so please follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter to hear about test calls for new patterns.

Are your patterns accessible?

I try to make my patterns accessible to as many readers as possible. Measurements are given in both Imperial and metric. I include stitch patterns in both charted and written format where possible. Many of my charts are designed to be color-blind accessible (see individual pattern descriptions), and I hope to be able to offer low-vision accessible version in the future.

Since Ravelry’s new design has made it inaccessible to many, I have made most of my patterns available on both Payhip and Etsy as an alternative.

Are your patterns tech edited?

Yes! Being a tech editor myself, I understand the need for clear, error-free patterns. Even though I’m a tech editor myself, I don’t tech edit my own patterns. It’s always good to have another pair of eyes on your work.

How can I get pattern support?

Stuck on a pattern? We’re happy to help! You can use the contact form on this site or email for pattern support.

How can I become a test knitter?

To hear about open test calls (and new pattern releases), subscribe to my newsletter. I am currently running my tests on Yarnpond, so you can also check for new tests there. My patterns are always tech edited before testing – I view the test-knitting process as a way to make sure my grading works across the size range and my pattern is user-friendly.